Adjective: authentic, genuine, true, not an imitation.

I believe in keeping things real. Real food (hence the blog title!), real feelings, real honesty. On my old blog, I strived for honesty in all my posts, particularly when it came to my life. So to put it bluntly: yes, I’ve struggled (and still struggle) with an eating disorder. At times, it’s taken over my life and is most evident in my food and fitness habits. Not something I’m proud of, but I am proud that I can freely admit to it and not pretend that it isn’t an issue anymore.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way (and I probably won’t talk much about it here!), here are some other real things about my life…

  •  I’m an aspiring broadcast meteorologist. In real world speak, that’s a TV weather person. Weather is something I’m passionate (and somewhat nerdy) about.
  • I’m a yogi of 2 years (yet still can’t do the more complicated poses), tennis player of 6-ish years (and try to play when I can, especially in the summer), newbie weightlifter (still sticking with the light weights for now but want to go heavier soon) and lover of outdoor fitness activities. I don’t claim to be a fitness freak, but it’s definitely a part of my life and I’ve discovered the things I like and don’t like. Running falls into the latter of those categories, as much as I admire serious runners out there. Fitness is a complicated subject in my life–it’s fun, compulsive, comforting and guilt-inducing at times.
  • The kitchen is like my second home. I’ve grown to prefer making raw foods–partly because I live at a high altitude, so baking is rarely my friend! Raw foods are also incredibly nourishing and refreshing and just make me feel good. Sometimes I have the patience for complicated recipes, and other times I throw together a basic salad for dinner and call it a day. Veganism is a big part of who I am, and has been for the past 2 years. Not going to lie though, I’ve considered reintroducing fish/eggs sometimes. I would like to stay vegan forever, but we’ll see where the journey leads me!
  • My other random loves: shopping (for clothes and food, online and real life), Instagramming (I love the Valencia filter), driving (I get into such a groove when I’m driving alone and jamming to my tunes), Alt Nation on Sirius XM (speaking of tunes…), Seinfeld and Friends (gotta love the classics), airline travel (I don’t get to do it nearly enough, probably why I still love it), pink anything (seriously), sunbathing (skin cancer be damned–I don’t do it a lot!), rompers and dresses (I’d live in them if I could), the western U.S. (born and raised, baby!) and summer (so many reasons to love).
Summer. Sunshine. Sunglasses. Swingin'. Smilin'. Some of my favorite 'S' things.

Summer. Sunshine. Sunglasses. Swingin’. Smilin’. Some of my favorite ‘S’ things.

That’s me in a pretty big nutshell. If there’s still things you wanna know more about, hit me up at Or my Instagram. Or my Twitter. Or telepathy, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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