Noun: young woman; not fully mature female
When does one become a woman instead of a girl? Maybe when she becomes a legal adult at 18–check. Maybe when she starts living on her own–check. Maybe when she has her first legal drink (and gets carded for it)–check. Maybe when she starts to make major life decisions–check. Maybe when she graduates from college–check. All of the above apply to me, as a 20-something female, but yet, I still don’t feel quite like a woman. I still haven’t found my first ‘real’ adult job. I haven’t made my own car payments, or paid my own cell phone bill. I haven’t moved more than 100 miles away from my parents yet. So maybe, just maybe, I’m in the process of becoming a woman. And YOU get to come along for the ride!
So what is this girl like in real life? She’s quiet at first but has a sarcastic sense of humor that comes out once you get to know her. She uses exclamation points a little too often but grammatical/spelling errors drive her nuts. She’s generally happy and positive except when it comes to snow, which she’s grown to HATE after 19 years of living in CO. She has big dreams for her life but worries that she’ll never make them come true. She’s happiest when it’s summer, and it’s sunny and she has nothing else to do but listen to alt rock and drive with her windows down. She has a new-found love for sangria, and drinks only because she finds pleasure in it, not to please anyone else. She’s a devoted mostly raw vegan who doesn’t always reveal this to the people in her life for fear that they’ll judge her as ‘weird’ or ‘judgy’ but wishes she could be a better activist for the cause. She likes long hair (on herself), big sunglasses and even bigger purses. She may look like she’s 12 but she wants people to take her seriously, in her career path and as a woman. She wants to go places but she loves being with the people she’s closest to. She’s learned to be more independent, and less hung up on the opinions of others…but she’s still working on it.
And here's the girl!

And here’s the girl!


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