If you’ve been following along recently on my other blog, you’ll know I’ve been hinting at some big life changes lately.

Remember when I wrote this post almost 3 months ago? My life was a lot different then, which is so insane. I had just graduated from college a week earlier, and I was still trying to process that. I had just started the job search process, and even though I guessed it would take several applications to finally be hired (I guessed 50, it was more like 20), I had no idea what was in store for me or how I’d be feeling a month or two into the search. At least I was optimistic but realistic.


Little did this newbie grad know how much her life could change in just 3 months!

You know the saying, when it rains, it pours? That’s how my job search was. I heard back literally nothing from the applications I sent out from late December through late February. Nada. It was frustrating, to say the least. There were so many openings I was applying to, and I was opening my mind up to the possibility that I may not get an on-air position as my first job, or even my ideal location. But then, I got two emails in the same week in late February asking if I could interview. I also got another email last week, but by that point I already had something finalized and had to turn them down. From that point on, I’ve been riding a wave of hope, confusion and anticipation.

I got my official job offer last Tuesday, and it’s been a whirlwind since then. Paperwork, drug testing, appointments, figuring out budgeting/bank/money stuff, apartment hunting (online), furniture shopping, visiting some of my favorite places for at least the last time for awhile. It’s just starting to hit home that if all goes as planned, I’ll be moving 600+ miles from home in 2 weeks. 2 weeks. In fact, my family’s spring break trip is taking a little detour this weekend to check out apartments in the area and hopefully find a place.

Yes, I had to accept that this job is not on-air. It’s not in my ideal location (ahem, California or Arizona!) either. But you know what? I’m okay with that. Because it’s a freaking incredible opportunity, especially for someone just starting out in the TV field. It has the potential to lead to bigger and better things. It’s in a larger TV market than I was originally considering, which means bigger city amenities (like 2 Whole Foods stores and plenty of Starbucks). The weather there is better than where I live now–less snow, warmer year-round, but with severe weather too. It’s also a decent distance from home. One of my good friends, who’s also pursuing a career in TV, confided in me that she doesn’t do well with change and so she’s hoping for a job in-state. Me? I’m so ready for change! Yeah, it’s seriously scary to create a whole new life for myself in a completely different state and time zone, a 9 hour drive from my parents, in a place I’ve never lived, let alone visited. But life isn’t about staying in our comfort zone forever–it’s about getting out there and doing something that challenges us. How can we expect to grow if we don’t? 
The night skyline of the city I'm moving to! Any guesses where?

The night skyline of the city I’m moving to! Any guesses where?

My life is going to change more than I can even imagine in the next few weeks and months, but all I have to say is…bring it on.  
How do you deal with change? 

4 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. YAY!! Congratulations girl! I am so happy to hear you got a job! Maybe it isn’t on-air, but hey, it’s a start. That is so exciting. I am terrible at guessing so you’re just gonna have to tell me where. Warm weather sounds perf though.

    • Thank you! It’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma so not the most exciting place ever but the weather is warmer and it’s a bigger city than I’m currently living in so I’ll take it. It’s gonna be weird dealing with tornadoes and ice storms instead of blizzards though.

      • The Sooner State!
        You know how they say that Tulsa is like the Paris of Oklahoma?
        Sorry, Friends references just popped into my head. That is going to be a big change, but that’s exciting!

        • Haha I always think about Friends now when I think about Tulsa! It still hasn’t quite hit me yet how big of a change this is going to be, but I think I’m ready for it!

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