That Post-Grad Life.

Hi again! I’m thinking I want to keep up using this blog, and possibly transitioning AlmostVegGirlie over here eventually…we’ll see what happens.

As mentioned in my most recent post on my other blog, I graduated from college exactly 1 week ago. Since then, it’s been a crazy whirlwind of moving out of my apartment and back into my parents’ house, Christmas shopping and present-wrapping, Christmas itself and all the post-holiday errands. I still can’t quite catch my breath, but I’m starting to get back into a routine–well, if you can call not having much to do a routine!

I can’t quite believe I’m a college graduate–I feel like I was just moving into the dorms for my freshman year. But real world problems, like having to find a job and pay off college loans, are starting to hit me hard. I officially started the job search yesterday, and so far I’ve applied to one job, with another application ready to send out. Believe me, I’m going to be applying to probably about 50 jobs, so my job search is still in its early stages. When you go into a competitive field, like broadcast journalism (what I’m pursuing), you have to be ready to take a job almost anywhere. As it is, I’m limiting my search to the western United States. I’m willing to go as far east as Texas, possibly Nebraska, and anywhere else within the western part of the country besides Idaho/Montana. Those states are just too much nothingness for me. Even Wyoming is pushing it, but I know a lot of CSU grads get TV jobs in Cheyenne since the school is only about 40 miles away in Colorado.

Finally graduated.

Finally graduated.

I’m starting to dream out a life plan for myself, and I feel kinda like a grown up. I can almost picture myself living in some of the places I’m applying to, having a full-time job, probably with crazy hours and days, and learning the ropes of being on TV. I have 3 semesters of experience doing weather for my college TV station, but that’s small stuff compared to even the smallest TV markets. I can’t wait to (hopefully) move out of state, have my own apartment (if it’s in a bigger city, I may have to have a roommate…) and a new life. I’m excited to make friends with my co-workers, find a job I can truly enjoy (or move to one that I like better in a year or two) and maybe, just maybe, settle into a relationship. I’m not rushing that one, but it’s exciting (yet scary) because I’m coming to some conclusions about myself (and in a way, ‘coming out’ to myself) and it feels so freeing to admit to myself that, yes, I prefer girls to guys and that’s okay and I can really see myself having a meaningful relationship with (and hopefully eventually marrying) an amazing woman. But again, I want to focus on myself first–finding a job, settling in to that job, and making a new life for myself–and I don’t think that’s selfish. I have big dreams for myself, and I don’t want to limit them. I know I probably won’t get my dream job right away, and that’s okay too. One thing I really appreciate about my industry is that even though it’s competitive, there are always jobs open and the opportunities to move up quickly are many. I may not be in my first job for longer than a year!

As for right now, I’m continuing the job search process and mostly just trying to soak up the remaining time I have left at home. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of having your laundry done for you and having your groceries paid for? I love my family to pieces, and I know I’ll miss them a lot when I move out, but I’m also excited to really start my own life!

What are your plans for the new year (work/school/etc.)?


6 thoughts on “That Post-Grad Life.

  1. First, why do I keep using themes that you’re using? You just pick awesome themes I guess.
    I hope the job search does get too painful. Even just finding summer jobs, I remember, I hated. It was so stressful and just yucky. Now that I’ve got an on campus job I’m going to keep it until I find another one. Or graduate. Whichever comes first. The real world… Kinda scary that it’s so close to us now. They don’t prepare you for that stuff in high school.
    Also, I’m glad that you are “coming out” to yourself. It took me 8 years to really be comfortable with my own sexuality and preferences, and I don’t really know why it took so long, But yeah. Just remember you’re you and you’re awesome.

    • I like the way you did this theme though–very classy with the black background.

      Finding summer jobs is the worst. I tried that a couple of summers ago and it was awful sending out all the applications and never hearing back. I think it was harder because no one wanted to hire a college student for just a few months, so hopefully finding a real job will be a little easier.

      It’s hard to come to terms with sexuality and all that. It came to me as kind of a surprise at first, but then I started looking back and thinking that I kind of knew it all along. I don’t know why it’s so hard to admit it to ourselves but it feels SO much better once we figure it out.

      • Thanks. I couldn’t see the snow otherwise. Haha.

        I know, the amusement park in my high school town did this massive hiring interview day thing and then never called anyone back except for the people that had worked there the summer before. Finding a real job should be sort of easier.

        It does feel so much better. I guess just being so young in a world where that wasn’t accepted yet shaped our minds to make it harder for us to accept that. Kids today have a bit of an easier time since society is moving to be more accepting of not being straight.

  2. Oh my goodness- I am SO proud of you, Ashley. For graduating, for the growing up that you’ve done (and continue to do), and for becoming more comfortable and confident in your sexuality. That is such a beautiful thing and I honestly think that it will help in your recovery. My roommate in college actually reminds me a lot of you- she always has- and she went through a very similar transition with her sexual preferences and whatnot. I’ll share the story with you via email sometime, if you’d like.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job from and I can’t wait to see where you end up!

    • As always, I appreciate ALL the support you’ve given me through blogging! And I would love to hear more about your college roommate–I think it would give me a lot of confidence as I come to terms with myself and my preferences! Feel free to email me any time (:

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