The Real. The Food. The Girl.

If you’ve looked through the pages of this blog, some parts may have looked familiar to you. That’s because this girl isn’t new to the blogging world. I’ve been blogging over at AlmostVegGirlie for a little over two year and while I enjoyed my time over there, I started to outgrow that blog. It wasn’t what I wanted my life to be about anymore. I wasn’t sure if I needed a break from blogging or just a different direction to go in so here I am, with a brand new blog. Some of it may be a lot like my old blog. I’m still incredibly passionate about healthy, vegan food (particularly raw foods) and I want to share my nutritional insights and recipes with you. But I want this blog to be more about my life in general. See, I’ve been on this earth for 21 years, and I still haven’t seen or experienced 99% of what it has to offer…but I want to. My life will be changing drastically within the next six months, and I want you to go along for the ride. I want to share my experiences, my triumphs, my failures and the lessons I’ve learned throughout. I don’t want to specifically focus on food, or fitness, or eating disorders, or my life…I want this blog to be about all of those things and more. Most of all, I want it to be real. I learned a lot about being honest through my last blog, and I want that to continue. I want to be honest with you all about my life, and I want you guys to be honest with me about my posts. I think opening up more makes for better life lessons, and I hope it can also inspire others to be real in their own lives. There’s no shame in our pasts…only hope for our futures to be bigger and brighter than we ever thought possible.

Are you with me? Let’s get started on this journey called life–with plenty of food, fitness and fun along the way!


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